Brunner Productions presents...

Adventures in Hydrogeology

Exploring the Hidden Waters of the Earth

I am a hydrogeologist, my name is Derk. I stumbled upon a strange portal hidden behind a waterfall while conducting routine fieldwork. As I peered through the portal, I saw a dark, foreboding world on the other side. Despite my initial hesitation, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I stepped through the portal and found myself in a twisted version of the world I knew. The lush forests were now dark and twisted, and the rivers and streams were poisoned. The creatures that once roamed the land were now monstrous and aggressive. I soon realized that this world, Ascar, was not a place of wonder and beauty, but of danger and death.

As I explored, I met the people of Ascar, they were friendly, they were hostile, they were paranoid, and they told me their stories.

These are mine…